What to Expect When Neutering a Puppy

When your pup reaches 6 months, you’ll start to consider whether you’d like to spay your female dog or neuter your male dog. Really, that choice is down to you and your vet’s advice and it’s worth having a chat with them about the options and pros and cons for doing both. If you decide... Continue Reading →

Discovering a Secret Paradise in Sri Lanka

In 2018, I was lucky enough to travel to Sri Lanka to discover the most incredible culture, food and welcoming people. Flying into Colombo, we planned to travel through the middle of the island and up to the North East, one of the quieter routes, owing to it being the rainy season in June and... Continue Reading →

Puppy Teething Troubles

It’s all going so well - your puppy has settled in, you’re finally getting less sleepless nights, they’re having less accidents indoors and you think you’ve cracked this whole dog thing. Then you hit the 4/5 month mark and teething happens. Cue endless whining, barking, restlessness and frustration at the biological inability to explain to... Continue Reading →

Getting into Cycling

As you approach the grand age of 30, you’ll probably notice a few things happening in your friendship group, from friends migrating out of the city, to maybe getting married to of course getting into cycling. Whether it’s due to knee injuries or curiosity, cycling seems to lure people in during their late 20s. My... Continue Reading →

Learning About Coffee in Colombia

Back in 2017, I was lucky enough to take a sabbatical to South America and spent time in the coffee district of Colombia staying on a coffee farm. We stayed in the lodgings close by to the working farm for a magical few nights away from the hustle and bustle of the Colombian cities. We... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Puppies

When we decided to get a puppy, I think we had a rough idea that perhaps there may be a few sleepless nights for the first week or so, whilst pup was settling in and getting used to new surroundings, - it’d be natural he’d be a little unsettled and lonely at night time. Fast... Continue Reading →

A Winter Weekend in Paris

Paris is one of those great cities, celebrated in movies, admired from afar and it’s a place you’ll always want to keep coming back to. It has all the elements of an incredible city - famous landmarks, outstanding cuisine, deep history,  and a Je Ne Sais Quoi that has to be felt to be believed.... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Living Learnings

Approaching the age of 30  in a state of lockdown living isn't quite how I thought I’d be coming up to this milestone. Watching friends celebrate their 30th Birthdays via Zoom, Instagram well wishes and presents sent from afar is all quite surreal. Of course, it’s just one day, and there are celebrations a plenty... Continue Reading →

Discovering the Isle of Skye

With many of us wondering what the future of travel will look like post-Covid-19, I wanted to focus this post on a brilliant staycation option for when we’re able to travel for holidays again, and where better than the breathtaking Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland for a UK-based trip. I visited Skye... Continue Reading →

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