My First Post

Hello World

After a few pathetic attempts to start a blog, I’ve decided to combine all my experiences into one, and after moving into London a month ago and becoming a fully fledged adult who pays bills, taxes, rent and pretty much anything else society can rinse you for, I have decided now is the time *trumpet sounds*

It’s going to be full of ups and downs, dating, opinions, exhibition reviews, attempts at cooking and general all round lifestyle issues facing a 20-something in London today.

Also: recently watching Bridget Jones and discovering that not only did I actually weigh more than her but that we also share the same job, PR, I needed something to distinguish myself from this slightly depressing fact and further myself from Bridge: and now I have it, a blog. (Diaries are completely different…ok fine blogs are just public diaries… alright I admit it, I’ve somehow become Bridget Jones.. happy now?!)

Here goes nothing…..

It's a cake, to celebrate the first post

It’s a cake, to celebrate the first post


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