Bar Review- Adventure Bar- Clapham Junction

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 23.43.28

Sure, it’s a chain, but this particular little bar is an absolute gem.

I’ve had many a fantastic night there. It’s a solid go to for a Thursday or Saturday night. I’ve been out in big groups, twos and even stayed in the bar by myself for a while once (on a misguided drunken decision to get a taxi back later) (Needless to say I lasted 10 minutes before realising I had no friends left and it probably really was home time)

I went again this week and was not disappointed. Until about 11.30pm it’s quiet. It’s an average bar. But if you can hold on, if you know the chaos that is approaching, you’ll stick about, because out of nowhere people start to pour in, the drinks are flowing and people are up on the sofas singing along to classic pop, r ‘n’ b and dance anthems.

Imagine a club. Then imagine a club that Jay – Z and Kanye have just arrived at with their entourage and bottles of Cristal. It’s like that, only with a lot less street cred, but that’s all part of its charm along with the drinks menus inside video boxes for Cocktail.

It’s cheesy, there’s always a good mix of people from Ireland to Australia and it’s just really good fun. I highly recommend the espresso martinis, this was the first bar I tried them in and they’re a tasty cocktail.

It’s not long before you realise its 3am, you’re being asked to leave and you’re wondering how you’re going to piece yourself together in the morning. But you also know that there’s a great number of fast food spots to hit on the way home and you can collapse into bed after a great night spending your hard earned cash and acting like you’re in some German beer hall.

Just go. Absorb the crazy and have a pretentious free night safe in the knowledge that the person down from you on the sofa probably looks just as ridiculous dancing along to Freestyler.


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