Mark Wallinger – London Underground


This evening I found another one of Mark Wallinger’s Labyrinths on the London underground. Some of you may have seen these and wondered what they were, many of you might not have noticed them as they blend in or you could be a Wallinger enthusiast and by now have seen the entire collection and mounted on your wall a beloved picture of yourself with each.

Well I’ve taken a low maintenance approach to start documenting where they are and keeping an eye out. If anything it can make your commute that little bit more interesting, I’m hoping to add on here each time I see one. Here’s what Transport for London say on their website about the project:

“Mark Wallinger, one of the UK’s leading contemporary artists, has created a major new artwork for London Underground to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The result, commissioned by Art on the Underground, is a multi-part work on a huge scale that will be installed in every one of the Tube’s 270 stations”

The mazes were installed earlier on this year on the tube, keep an eye out for them in London!

10th August- London Waterloo!

wallinger- london

22nd August- Parsons Green

labyrinth parsons

30th August – Leicester Square



6th September  – Vauxhall



6th September- Piccadilly



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