Return of Gaga

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 19.56.51

Gaga has unleashed her latest single surrounded by all the hype, under a pop music emergency. Having previously been counting down the days on twitter, she posted 2 hours ago with #0daystillapplause, after leaks jeopardised the release that was scheduled for this coming Monday, August 19th.

I’ve had a few listens now, and I think this one is going to grow on me. I’ve been a Gaga fan/little monster since she hit the big time and was lucky enough to go see her in September at Twickenham stadium, and I was completely blown away.

It feels like she’s gone back to a lighter sound pre-Fame Monster, but with the title ARTPOP it would be a little naive to expect anything other than a pop-esque sound, though I always look forward to being surprised by Gaga and she rarely disappoints.

Needless to say, I’m on my third listen, it’s catchy, it’s Gaga and it’s great to have her music back after her stint away from the public eye earlier this year following hip surgery.

The visuals for the album are incredibly promising as her single artwork here is a brand new look and her transition from Fame to Monster to Born this Way to ARTPOP is just one example of her never ending creativity.

This single probably isn’t her best work to date for me, but Gaga is certainly back on form and it is undeniably fun.

Give it a listen here:




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