Synomatic Productions- Hamlet Review


This evening I went to a very unusual but genuinely charming production of Hamlet by Synomatic. Earlier this year they staged a version of The Merchant of Venice in a Camberwell pub, and were set to put their spin on Shakespeare once more- this time in a car park.

Firstly, aside from the show, the atmosphere was great for a Sunday evening. There was a great stall selling sugar cane and drinks made with the ingredient and the other food stall, CC, sold great jerk chicken and rice.

This Hamlet was set in 1980’s Brixton, and the adaptation of time seemed to work very well. There were a few slip ups here and there with the speech, but this actually added to the raw aspect of the production in a gritty, urban environment away from the comforts of the stage.

Kazeem Amore made a great Hamlet, he really focussed on his performance and managed to draw a few tears during one of the climaxes of the play. One of the especially interesting aspects of the show, was the decision to use a 80’s boom box to deliver the lines for Hamlet’s father’s ghost. The stereo was used in various scenes, but this added a particular eeriness to the ghostly presence on stage.

I’d certainly recommend it for a slightly more unusual or cultured evening out, and if you opt for a floor seat definitely take a blanket/cushion! You can also take in your own food and drinks, the evening is very chilled (aside from the impending tragedy) and it’s bringing Shakespeare to people in a new and inventive way, which is no easy feat.

The show is on every Sunday and Monday for August and tickets are £10 for the floor or £15 for chair seats.

Find out more here: 


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