Now That’s What I Call Running – App Review

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 23.39.12

For all those keen runners out there, like myself, you’ve probably gotten bored of the music on your ipod from time to time. That moment where you’re out and you realise you need new music but know it’s not exactly cost effective to buy a new album each time this happens (especially if you’ve taken up running to save money on a gym membership!)

So, I tried out Now That’s What I Call Running. It’s an app that allows you to set the time you want to be running for and the power you’d like to put in and it generates a playlist from the songs on your ipod. It will also total up the amount of miles you’ve run, how long it took you and the total amount of calories you’ve burnt on the main page for a feel good factor! You can download a free version or pay £0.69 roughly to upgrade to the full app to remove ads.

It will log past runs, tell you how far you went, map your run and tell you roughly how many calories you’ve burnt. There are audio prompts that come on around 5 minutes  /15 minutes /halfway and 20 minutes before the end of your run. The first time these unexpectedly appeared they felt incredibly patronising saying things like ‘keep going’, but now I’m finding them progressively more useful to know where I am in my run, though there is the option to switch these off.

The only issue with this app is sometimes I don’t feel that the power setting is well matched to music and I’ve had some really questionable music dug out from the depths of my ipod (Mariah Carey- Sweetheart being one), though admittedly that is my fault for having average to poor 90s music lurking on my phone.  Also it sets a limit at 90 minutes which is frustrating for long distance runners, or first timers like me going in for a marathon!

All in all it’s a fun app, tracks your runs easily and will throw some music into the mix that perhaps you haven’t listened to for a while or aren’t expecting. Worth a try!



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