iTunes Festival 2013 – Lady Gaga

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I was lucky enough to win tickets to see Lady Gaga at the iTunes festival this year courtesy of o2, and as a keen little monster this was an amazing evening.

Gaga opened by skulking her way onto the stage dressed all in black including a veil covering the lower part of her face. Whilst the majority of the crowd were distracted by the iTunes count down, Gaga made her quiet entrance.

Was this a new toned down Gaga? Fear not, she opened with the number ‘Aura’ and shortly after the first verse she was hoisted into the air after being thrust into a medieval body cage by her dancers. Yes, Gaga is back.

She took the opportunity to really speak with her fans tonight and was every bit on show emotionally (and physically). She even did a costume and wig change on stage into her new mermaid outfit with the large weave and in true Gaga style wore clothes thrown by fans onto the stage, as well as ripping the head off an Ariel doll.

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 00.24.53

‘Swine’ was an extravaganza, with many an audience member sporting a pig’s nose as demanded by the Lady herself, dancers dressed in white pig gas masks moved across the stage and white canvases with ‘ARTPOP’, ‘Applause’ and other new tracks written on in black were sprinkled with colour by paint guns on the stage before being thrown into the audience.

She finished with ‘Applause’, of course, which went down a treat and was carried off by one of her dancers, quite befitting this Queen of Pop.

It was a fantastic show, Gaga has come back with a punch and is showing her fans her new direction. It’s a shame that there wasn’t time to squeeze in some crowd pleasers, or some old favourites but this was Gaga exhibiting her new work and she seemed incredibly excited to share it with her loyal following, finally, after her surgery earlier this year took her out of the limelight for a while.

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This is just the first of a month of nights for the iTunes Festival at Camden’s Roundhouse, a great venue if you haven’t been. If you couldn’t make it tonight, the shows are being streamed live also and huge names like Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake are still to come, as well as recent newcomers Bastille and summer sensation Robin Thicke supporting John Legend, though I personally hope that show comes without a nude PVC clad Miley.

A great start to the festival and I’m thrilled to see Lady Gaga back and fighting fit.



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