Tony the Fridge

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On Friday I had the privilege of meeting a certain individual who is currently going by the name of Tony the Fridge, and is a man pushing himself to the absolute limit all for the cause of beating cancer.

Tony is completing an endurance challenge of 40 marathons in 40 days, which takes him all the way from John O’Groats to Land’s End. This in itself is an incredible feat to tackle, however, I guess you’re probably wondering why a marathon runner is called Tony the Fridge?

Well, he is running the marathons with a 42kg Smeg fridge on his back. Yes, he really is.

So far Tony has raised a fantastic amount of money for charity and was kind enough to tell us about some of the touching moments he’s had along the way with his journey. Including one person who actually left a letter for Tony in his fridge to read to inspire him to keep fighting on his challenge as they were tackling every day with theirs.

Tony is planning to finish on September 11th at Land’s End and is currently near Southampton. You can track him here and follow his journey @tony_the_fridge.

He is very inspirational to hear talk about his motivation behind the run and his spirit was incredibly positive when I met him, despite having suffered an injury the day before. For someone currently marathon training also, I couldn’t physically understand how he was undertaking the challenge, and at an older age of 49 too!

I wish Tony all the luck in the world in this brave endeavour.

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