Club to Catwalk : London Fashion in the 1980’s- V & A


From Galliano to Westwood this exhibition of 80’s fashion is a fun look back into this glam and dramatic era. The ground floor of the exhibition kicks off the show with old catwalk videos, denim jackets, stunning dresses and dynamic shapes.

The first section is a gentle introduction to the exhibition with quirky clothes and videos. Walking up the steps to the large part of the exhibition there’s a mirror that says, ‘Would you let you in?’. Moving from the catwalk transition to the clubs and what was being worn.

The glam-rock section is fantastic and not unlike what Lady Gaga might sport today (see picture above). The exhibition also showcases the punk inspiration in the era and the James Dean motivated leather jackets and torn jeans.

80’s music echos around this large dome, All I ever wanted by Depeche Mode was haunting the exhibition when I was there, as if channeling through from this time gone by and it added to the drama of the costumes.

There was a video booth on the top floor with stunning footage from 80’s catwalks and the club scene and I personally had no idea that 80’s catwalk shows were so free. The models were more actresses than moody misses, it seemed.

It’s not a knock out show but it’s definitely a step above the Ballgowns exhibition which closed in January as it has more of an edge. The exhibition will be at the V & A until 16th February 2014 and whether to reminisce or to see how the 80’s is still influencing fashion today, it’s worth a stop by.



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