Hummingbird Bakery – South Kensington


If you’re in the market for a sweet treat, then this is your place. From colossal whoopie pies to rainbow cake there are desserts to suit everyone.

Claiming to be ‘authentic american desserts’ I took a trusty American along with me to test the validity of this claim and I’m happy to report that the whoopie pie passed the test. Apparently they are slightly denser than those in the states, but they were delicious.


I tried the grasshopper slice, a brownie topped with mint flavoured icing and chocolate. Unsurprisingly it was incredibly sweet, but very yummy. Perfect for those who like a fresh twist to their brownies!

The bakery itself has gorgeous drawings around the shop, the only downside is that there’s very limited seating, on a weekend trip I would anticipate it being packed.

The staff are lovely and you will end up paying roughly £4-£8 depending on whether you go for a drink to accompany your sugar fix, but it’s definitely worth every penny.

The bakeries are at Soho, South Kensington, Notting Hill, Spitalfields and Islington and abroad in Dubai. I would certainly recommend a trip or their cakes for a special occasion! Enjoy!



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