American Horror Story – Series 1

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Creator: Simon Horsford

Stars: Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Taissa Farmiga, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters

A little late to the party, I came across American Horror Story this year, and I’m so glad I did.

A fan of horror films, there aren’t many tv series that spring to mind that fill the horror/scary genre so I decided to give this highly rated seres a shot, and not a disappointment was had.

This series follows the Harman family, recently ruptured by the Dad’s affair (Dylan McDermott) they move to LA to try and repair their family, and stumble across a well priced stunning Victorian house. It’s not long before we learn of the horrors that took place in this house and the seeming power it has.

The series does well to twist and deceive us, and it becomes a blur as to who is living and dead, much like it would feel to live there, disorientated and haunted by the past. Their daughter (Taissa Farmiga) falls in love with the local boy Tate (Evan Peters) and theirs is a typical teenage affair with a psychopathic twist.

From a maid to a full leather body suit which afflicts many a character in the series, the show is not without it’s ‘sexy’ side, but always with a disturbing twist.

Each episode introduces a new murder and a new soul trapped in this house of horrors and pregnancy for Mrs Harman (Connie Britton) throws into the mix desire and longing from some of the childless spooks in the home. They start to interweave and connections are made between this world and the next.

Jessica Lange plays a crazed next door neighbour with a past full of tragedy from her troubled and disabled children, both mentally and physically. An orchestrator of many of the main plots, Jessica is fantastic as Constance in this series.

Spanning the centuries the show exploits Victorian medical horror, modern family drama, mass murders and teenage angst. It does well to incorporate many different threads of scare without losing a focus, namely, the house which ties all of the threads together.

The music deserves a mention also, the opening song by Caesar Devila and Charlie Clouser is perfectly spooky and other artists like Carina Round who appear in the soundtrack are matched fantastically with this show.

Well worth a watch and I can’t wait to move onto series two American Horror Story: Aslyum, and this year American Horror Story: Coven will be released in late October on Fox.



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