Riddick- Film Review

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 13.33.53

Rated: 15, 119 mins

Director: David Twohy

Starring: Vin Diesel, Jordi Mollà, Katee Sackhof

The film starts in a stunning dystopic landscape, though desolate, on a planet far from here. Riddick, Vin Diesel, is alive, just, and we are introduced to the film through a dramatic narrative. The movie starts as it means to continue, Riddick fighting off monsters and surviving in an impossible environment.

He reaches a deserted base of a bounty hunter, and realises he cannot stay on the planet due to impending rain creating a fertile place for monsters to breed near his habitat. Riddick makes a call out and lo and behold two planes arrive; one group wants answers, one group wants his head.

I loved Pitch Black when I was younger, it was one of those films I could have watched again and again, however, some of this film hasn’t quite clawed back Riddick to the spotlight in the strongest way. Some of the lines were cringingly bad but there was room for humour in the film which occasionally was done very well.

One of the crews that lands on the planet also has a female crew member, Dahl, played by Katee Sackhoff, and some forced chemistry is pushed between her and Riddick. I also found Dahl a one dimensional character with too much posing and stereotypical behaviour for an only female character in a man’s world.

Jordi Mollà as Santana, leader of the bounty group wanting Riddick dead, is excellent as an evil hispanic rival to Riddick and his crew members inject some fun and colour into an otherwise predictable line up of characters.

I loved Vin as Riddick, the character is great and perfect for him to play and the exchanges between himself and his dingo – like – dog are touching, however, the film lacked any real narrative. Albeit I was not expecting a Shakespearean tragedy, but I did want an actual point to the film. It felt like a small interval chapter setting up for another movie.

The scenery is fantastic though and Riddick’s character remains strong, but the script lets the potential of this addition to the Riddick series down. For fans of Riddick, go and see it, but be aware that it’s more about gadgets and great effects, rather than story and substance. It rests too much on the laurels of the legend of Riddick the man, and I hope that a future movie will be made to push the development of this story where this film should have.


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