Twitter Parties

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Yes, you read it correctly, parties on twitter.

This is not a particularly new phenomenon, the idea has been around for a few years now, but the momentum behind them is really starting to catch on.  Big brands have started using them too, like Whole Foods (@WholeFoods) , who are hosting regular parties, and with over 3,000,000 followers, who can blame them for wanting to generate even more buzz!

So what’s the idea? You pick a theme, this can be anything from wine to windows, but it’s probably more likely to get a response if it’s about wine in this case. A recent twitter party I hosted at work had the #weheartwines for one of our clients. You use the hash tag to follow and become involved in the party.

They’re normally good to host over an hour, short but sweet, and the host will ask questions. In the instance of the example above, a lovely blogger and writer, Judith Lewis (@MostlyAboutChoc) has been hosting our parties. Questions are asked, ranging in the amount, we’ve been working to one every 15 minutes but different amounts can work for different target audiences, and winners are picked for their contributions etc.

Examples of our questions so far have been:

First question of the night, what’s your favourite #wine and #cheese combination? #weheartwines

Who can send in the best #wine fact/quote? #weheartwines

Something light hearted and simple to encourage the tweeters to use it as a starting point tends to work well.

A good way to host a party, is to have a brand behind the blogger who can offer the prizes. In our case, wine. It’s a really fun way for a brand to connect with their audience, get to know their followers and what they like.

Prizes are a big incentive for tweeters to get involved, especially until you have a regular following.

Our party went really well tonight, and we ended up trending in London and the United Kingdom. It’s great to pull together different opinions and views.

They really seem to be taking off in the UK now, and are a great way to open up discussion with your brand followers. So, why not have a go? Try getting involved- #foodiechats (@foodiechats) is a weekly twitter party on a Monday, and with over 13,000 followers now, they have a steady involvement from their loyal following and the parties are always very happening.

Remember to double check the time zone though when deciding to join in, as twitter parties are global!


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