Berlin Marathon 2013- Arrival

After an early start we arrived in Berlin and decided to take the s-bahn to the centre ..the adventure really did begin there.

At one of the stations, all of the locals hop off the train, oblivious to us tired tourists. Someone shouts, it terminates! We rush to get off but it was too late. We were off to trainland. The train stops further on down the tracks between stations and that’s it. No way of getting off and no one around/no cameras to display our distress to. I started assessing the seats for a good spot to camp as I began to believe we were stuck for good.

Eventually a guard comes to the rescue to three (now panicked) British tourists. ‘It happens all the time, no problem’ ah, right, maybe hire a guard to check then?!

We gleefully escape from the train. Stop off at the lovely art themed hotel and head out to pick up my pack.

After a mild panic that I hadn’t received a crucial email we were let in to the pick up area and I managed to get my number safe and sound ready to go.

I can’t wait to get going tomorrow morning now, the weather is set to be perfect for running and the city is already buzzing.

Here goes nothing!



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