The Masks We Face- Review

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On Friday I went to a new exhibition happening on The Shoreditch Art Wall in East London. A collaboration between photographer Rachell Smith and make up artist Khandiz Joni, about how masks can change our behaviour.

Each portrait was uniquely put together based on the way the model answered a set of questions prior to the shoot. From clown-like images to dolls to abstract make up, the finished images are fun and powerful.

As part of opening night, they also had one of the models posing in front of the images, forcing us to interact with the art work, and the busy ambiance of the street reminded us that this was about the everyday masks perhaps many of us put on to feel comfortable.

I was fortunate enough to meet Khandiz, who was clearly thrilled, and rightly so, about the response from the evening. It’s not a place I’d visited before, and the atmosphere was buzzing, it was a great launch night.

It’s running until 11th October and I’d recommend taking a wander down. Here’s some more information on the show.





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