Online dating? Me? No..of course not…

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Something has happened recently, the stigma of online dating really seems to be turning itself on its head. When I signed up for a dating site earlier this year, I know some of my friends thought it was a bit ‘unnecessary’ at my age, but lots of my friends were doing it and meeting genuinely interesting and nice people.

Post-tinder emergence onto the scene, it appears as if the worry of admitting you’re online dating has significantly diminished. I feel perfectly confident to mention that I use a site and, really, why not?

I rarely get home before 7.30pmish and weeknights are busy fitting in friends and with an intensive job it’s difficult to imagine wanting to go out and meet people in the evenings, especially when I have been training for a recent marathon.

It is, also, exciting and terrifying at the same time. Waiting for that person to arrive who you have a rough idea of but are really expecting some edited version of what they actually look like from online.

It’s definitely a convenience tool at the moment, and with statistics like 40 million out of 54 million single people in the USA having tried online dating, it’s gaining real momentum amongst young professionals.

It’s efficient, easy and fast. Really, the question now is, why aren’t you online? Here’s some snap reviews of dating apps/sites:


Badoo has given me a split opinion. You can go through and select interests and give basic information about yourself and have a few photos. You can opt to only receive messages from verified users as well (though the verification process is a little sketchy).

I’ve met some nice people on here and some complete oddballs, one who admitted to using a picture of a model as his profile picture. It’s half and half, but generally an easy app to use, though I found there was an inundation of messages, perhaps because i’m a girl and more men tend to be on these apps. There’s an option to block though so that’s handy.


I didn’t spend too much time on here, because it sold itself as a free app but then to actually be able to see some of the messages/profiles you have to subscribe.

Some of the features were good like the carousel where you say yes or no to meet, and you can request to be someone’s contact, though people can still message you freely. Zoosk will also send you matches, as many of the apps do, based on your answers to around 30 questions that are very straight forward. If you’re looking for something more than tinder but not as committed as completing a full profile this could be the one for you. Just be careful though, I saw someone with Angel as his profile picture. Come on.


This is quite a labour intensive app/dating site. You have to fill out a full profile, it’s not compulsory but if you don’t answer the questions people will naturally wonder why.

I’ve had some nice chats with people from OkCupid and if you want to you can browse anonymously also, but this does mean then that you can’t see who has viewed your profile. It gives you lots of different avenues to contact people but as mentioned it is quite involved to set up a profile.

Plenty of Fish

I can’t review this site as they banned me. I still don’t know why. I emailed them for answers and nothing.

So, you’re on your own with this one!


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