Unusual News – the jellies are moving in

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 20.19.20

I’ve always been a jelly fan. As creatures go, they’re pretty amazing, they move through convulsions and come in all shapes and sizes. Recently, they’ve not been content- they’ve been rallying to shut down some nuclear power plant stations.

Yes, at the end of September, a mass of jellyfish clogged the cool water pipes at an Eon power station, located around 200 miles south of Stockholm. The culprits responsible are moon jellyfish, who can grow up to 40cm in diameter. We’ve been reassured that it has to be a large amount of jellyfish to cause this problem, in fact, a spokesperson went so far as to call it an ‘invasion’.

Nuclear plants need a constant flow of water to cool their reactors and turbines (or so I’m told) and so when the jellyfish move in, they mean business.

Moon jellyfish can survive in difficult areas where the oxygen levels are low or where the water has been overfished, in this case the moon jellyfish bloomed by the plant and caused the subsequent problem.

This is not the first or last time the jellies have declared war upon a plant, where and when will they strike again?

Watch this space.


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