Cyrus Todiwala- Mr Todiwala’s Bombay

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This evening I had the privilege of meeting Cyrus Todiwala and his lovely family for the launch of his recent book, Mr Todiwala’s Bombay. I’d seen his recent show The Incredible Spice Men, where he tackled classic British food with an Indian twist alongside his Glaswegian Chef partner, Tony Singh, and I can safely say now the big character on screen is just as dynamic in real life.

The book launch was held at Cyrus’ restaurant, Cafe Spice Namaste (Tower Hill), which has been his home now for over ten years and it was great to see him in his element, surrounded by all those who have clearly been supporting him throughout his career, and are all incredibly happy to see him succeeding more and more.

The book itself, is stunning. The photography by the talented Helen Cathcart completes the gorgeous recipes and Cyrus takes you through on a journey that, even for someone like me who is borderline terrified of cooking anything more complicated than a simple chilli, is approachable and not intimidating.

Sampling some of the food at the launch was a pleasure, the chicken was flavoured beautifully with spices. It was tasty without being uncomfortably hot and it’s fair to say the food was flying off the platters before it could move from one end of the room to the other.

Cyrus seems only to be moving onwards and upwards, and if you’re looking for a beautiful cook book for someone this Christmas (yes, I said it, Christmas) I would highly recommend Mr. Todiwala’s Bombay– personally I can’t wait to get cooking now! Get it on amazon or better yet pay a quick trip to Cafe Spice, even on a Tuesday evening the restaurant was buzzing and it’s often a rare quality nowadays when a great atmosphere still has the fantastic food to match.



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