Halloween- what to watch

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It’s here, possibly my favourite holiday of them all, the mighty Halloween. I’ve celebrated early this year with a fancy dress party at the weekend, so looks like a night in on all hallows’ eve. This means one thing- scary movies. Here’s my recommendations for what you could check out:

Retro: Alien- I rediscovered the box set this year that I watched with my Dad when I was a bit younger, and it’s really not hard to see why it’s such a cult classic. Sigourney Weaver is the best female heroine you could wish for, and the early graphics, costumes and creatures of the film is all you could ever want for some late 70s nostalgia. If you haven’t seen it- you need to.

Here & Now: Prometheus- I was so excited to watch this having been an Alien fan in my youth, and I really wasn’t disappointed. Everything from matching the space ship perfectly to the original film and tying up references from Alien, was fantastically done, and Michael Fassbender was simply brilliant. It’s definitely worth a watch, though it’s not got the old school horror of Alien, of course.

Unexpectedly Good: The Strangers– if you want your classic mind mess scary film, this is for you. Liv Tyler stars alongside Scott Speedman, and whilst it might not have a sky high rating on IMDB, it’s was a genuinely disturbing film. It takes quite a lot to scare me, but the worrying nature of the afflicters is quite a uncomfortable theme to be left with.

Getting Cultured: Pan’s Labyrinth– Ok, admittedly this is not a ‘scary’ film, if you want Guillermo del Toro’s scary side check out The Orphanage, but some of the scenes in Pan’s Labyrinth are terrifying and stayed with me for days. It’s a fascinating insight into one child’s coping mechanism with the Spanish Civil War.

To Watch In A Big Group: Paranormal Activity– I found this genuinely disturbing, filmed as a real life experience, you see a normal every day couple break down in a house that has a real affliction within it. Good for those popcorn jumping moments.

The TV Series: it’s a no brainer, American Horror Story– start with Haunted House or dive straight into Asylum. Coven, series 3, is also back now so if witches is your thing that’s the way to go.

The Childhood Reminder-:The Witches– this was as scary as it got for children’s films. The moment where the wigs are removed? There’s only so many times anyone can watch that.

The Real Experience: Go and see The Woman in Black, I’m not talking about the average Daniel Radcliffe film, but the production in the West End. The way it’s put together with minimal cast members and set is beyond genius and something the film probably should have taken into account- it can take very little to scare other than the imagination. Tickets aren’t too pricey either.

The Fosbury Flop: Jeepers Creepers– a horror filled film, until a certain twist happens, and the ridiculousness of the change in story removes all of the suspense. Watch with friends for a very good laugh and if you enjoy a horror film but need something to take the edge off before going to bed!

Happy Halloween!


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