Holidays are coming….(already?)

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 23.35.36

Christmas is coming, the festivities of the year’s most generous time are nearly upon us, and with this, comes the inevitable battle of the brands for the best Christmas advert.

Enter contestant No.1- John Lewis:

Last year’s advert was a sweet and magical journey of a snowman to find a gift for his snowwoman. This year again we have a partnership of a bear and a hare- watership down style. Lilly Allen puts her vocals to Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know and it’s a touching story of sharing. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is about? It reduced one of my friends to tears but whilst it hasn’t quite touched on my tear ducts- it’s certainly Christmassy.

No.2- Marks and Spencers

I love this advert, it’s a huge step up from the year before of Christmas and party hits and people dancing around. It’s got some real streaks of creativity and the product placement is very well integrated into the story. It’s playful and fun and they’ve got some fantastic stars in it; eye candy for the girls with David Gandy, a gorgeous girl for the boys Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the legendary Helena Bonham Carter. The move from one fairytale to the next is very smooth and definitely has the magic element for Christmas.

No.3 Debenhams

Probably my least favourite of the bunch, they’re trying to make it very moving with a version of Foxes- Youth, but it seems to fall a bit flat. It’s very product orientated, so for me this is slightly too much of a hard sell.

No. 4 Cadbury

This has all the childish joy behind it needed for a fun Christmas advert, but really, even though I can’t remember a white Christmas since before I was a teenager, you need snow. Cadbury aren’t ones to play their advertising to the norm, but for a good old Christmas feeling the grey urban city against the purple paper just isn’t enough to sparkle and dazzle. It’s a nice idea, but not quite there. What’s great, however, is that they actually wrapped the street up- so big points for going the whole mile!

Marks and Spencer gets my vote, even if it is still a little early for me as I’m yet to see the Coca-Cola advert which clearly marks the start of the festive season!


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