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What is it? 6 second videos on loop

Where? Vine is an app, and the videos can be directly posted to twitter

Who cares? Well, pretty much the majority of twitter users. There are now plenty of vine celebrities who have created their own brand/ type of videos

How do I get started? Download the app now and get going! Its easy to find people to follow and the app breaks down the videos into helpful categories like comedy, food, cats etc.

Here’s a few of my favourite types of vines below!

Catchphrases – But that backflip tho! – from King Bach, a regular and hilarious vine-r, a good one to start with!

Character fun – Poor old cookie monster- a good example of creativity and childhood favourites

Impressions– Thomas Sanders does incredible Stewie from Family Guy impression

Funny public stunts 

Reactions– a personal favourite, Ry Doon goes around asking people to dance with him

Happy vine-ing!


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