Do not read before bedtime…weird news of November

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 23.57.47


This has to be one of the weirdest stories I’ve heard in a very long time to make the news. Two boys were allegedly playing in their house, when one bumped into the bookcase pictured above. Whilst steadying himself he managed to pull the bookcase forward.

This revealed a spiral staircase. Other than the obvious secret passage nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. On their way back up they noticed a crawl space, not very big. They did manage to picture it however, as seen below:

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 00.00.03


On first inspection, yes, it seems as if someone was living in the walls of their house. The imgur user, TwoBiteBrownie, stated that they tossed the banana skin in for scale. We’re not sure where this has happened as he won’t reveal his location now due to abuse stating that he has faked the whole stunt.

Many are suggesting the banana is the best indication of this fake act, creating a story about using the skin for scale after using it in the picture and needing a reason to explain why it isn’t decaying in the image. However, the police are saying the inhabitant used the space irregularly, and as the sweets are the imgur user’s Halloween candy so he clearly had been round recently.

The creepy dolls do seem a little cliché, but we’ve been promised an update following DNA tests, and apparently clothes were found in the space by the police, but TwoBiteBrownie had fled the scene before managing to document this for us.

Whether it’s real or not, the very thought chilled me to the bone. What’s more frightening is that comments on this news piece from other users are implying that this isn’t a completely uncommon situation- yes people have been found living in the walls, attics and basements of other people’s house’s before. What’s more this house in question is a relatively modern house (built in the 2000s) so one has to question why this space is even there. Is it a fake or is there something someone isn’t telling us?

It will be interesting to see the next move from TwoBiteBrownie, can he prove he’s told the truth or is this an incredibly hyped up hoax? Here’s some links to top articles below for more information:

The Independent






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