Global Gift Gala- London 2013


Arriving at the global gift gala straight from the office and being ushered onto the red carpet, I was admittedly feeling a little overwhelmed. I’d literally moved from my computer screen to the flashing lights and couldn’t quite digest what was happening.

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the Global Gift Gala made possible by the Eva Longoria Foundation and I have to say, she is one hell of a woman. Firstly, she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Incredibly petite but with a healthy body and lovely smile it’s safe to say she’s any man’s dream. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, she gives a lot back to the community. I had no idea before this evening of the kind of philanthropic work she has been involved in, largely with Hispanic communities, providing them with the opportunity to succeed in ways they’d only dreamed of before.

It was a star studded event with best pal, Victoria Beckham alongside Nicole Scherzinger, Thierry Henry and many other celebrities lending their hand to this evening all to raise money for an excellent cause. Eva and Nicole also personally got up on stage to start raising money for help for the Philippines.

Perhaps one of the best moments of the evenings was when John Caudwell had a chance to speak about his charity, Caudwell Children, which he funds personally. One little guy, Leo, was invited up on stage, after he’d received treatment in the states for spinal problems. I had the brilliant pleasure of meeting Leo and it was fantastic to see that he’d been invited to the event and was thoroughly enjoying himself!

A brilliant evening and a real pleasure to learn more about Eva’s philanthropic work behind her glamorous facade, these galas take place all over the world with the intention of creating a network of giving, and I will certainly be following their progress from now on.

Find out more here:


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