Masterclass with Cyrus Todiwala, OBE DL – Cafe Spice Namaste

Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 14.52.40

On 28th November, I had the pleasure of attending a masterclass with Cyrus Todiwala at his lovely and homely restaurant Cafe Spice Namaste, Tower Hill, along with i heart Wines.

This may be the third or fourth time I’ve met Cyrus and his wife Pervin, but every time you come back to the restaurant they welcome you as enthusiastically as the first time, they make you feel like this place is a home to all. Sitting down to start the class, Cyrus talked us through making some absolutely delicious bread. Made with a dash of sprite and i heart Prosecco, the result was delicious and we ate this with some light olive oil and a spicy spread Cyrus had made moments before for us.

He then went on to deep fry eggs for us all, and it was really excellent, especially with the bread! Teaching the group as he went along how to roll the eggs to create a soft yoke, or cracking the yoke for a hard centre as preferred. Joking away, displaying the ever big personality from his recent series on BBC Two with his cooking partner, Tony Singh, it was a real privilege to see Cyrus cooking in the flesh and to taste some of his food.

Cyrus and Pervin were also kind enough to speak about their history, having now resided in the UK since 1991. They’ve owned Cafe Spice Namaste for over 15 years and when we were there, customers which have been visiting them from the start are still seasoned regulars. One guest, they clocked, was visiting the restaurant over 200 times in a year!

Cyrus has had an incredibly successful year, he will be opening a new venture south of the River early next year, starred in a BBC Two hit show and in 2012 cooked for HRM the Queen, to open the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It’s fantastic to watch the passion Cyrus has for cooking and I thoroughly recommend a visit to Cafe Spice. If you live a little further out of town, Mr. Todiwala’s Kitchen is also open at the Hilton T5 at Heathrow.

Enjoy the spice!


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