Foodie Fun- Peppermint Bark with an English twist



It’s officially the 1st December, which means we can now all legitimately get into the Christmas mood. What better way, than to start with food?! With Thanksgiving just gone, I thought I’d try making some festive American treat with a British twist. Peppermint Bark is usually made with candy canes, to give it that Christmas feel, instead I went for some English humbugs and it worked brilliantly!

This is very easy to make. All you need is 2 x 150g bars of white chocolate, 2 x 150g bars of dark chocolate, a packet of mint humbugs and peppermint essence.

mint humbugs

Simply melt the dark chocolate in a bowl above a pan of hot water, this is then spread with a spatula onto a tray with aluminium foil on it. Put this into the fridge to set. Then break the white chocolate into a new bowl, but don’t start heating just yet.

Unwrap the humbugs and put them into a sandwich bag, using a rolling pin break the sweets into a desired amount- I left mine slightly bigger than the recipe for a bit of crunch! When nearly finished smashing the humbugs, start to heat the white chocolate. You don’t want to leave the humbugs in the bag too long as they get sticky.

Pour 75% of the sweets into the white chocolate when melted. Remove the dark chocolate from the fridge. Pour the white chocolate onto the dark using a spatula to spread the mix. You can alter the thickness of the bark depending on the width and depth of the tray. Sprinkle some of the humbug dust onto the bark and put it into the fridge to set.

Other ideas: sprinkle the bark with edible glitter to give it a more festive feel!

This will cost around £5-£10 to make depending on the quality of the chocolate you buy. Happy 1st of December!


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