Honest Burgers- Soho- Review

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Tonight I finally went to Honest Burgers and after a year of burger frenzy in London it felt about time I branched out from the much loved chain of Byron. I wasn’t disappointed.

I opted for the Christmas special (it is December after all) which consisted of beef, smoked bacon, deep fried Camembert, cranberry sauce and rocket. Really, what more could you ask for from a burger? One of my favourite types of cheese, meat doubled up and cranberry to add that festive touch. Perfection.

It was also cooked to perfection, I like my steak and burgers rare, and it was actually spot on. Being not a big fan of chips, I find it hard to judge, but the few I did have were cooked really nicely, definitely not too heavy on the oil.

I choose the homemade lemonade also which was so tasty, and came in a vintage looking jam pot glass with a striped straw. It’s these little touches that define this burger (now chain really) place. The small atmosphere of the Soho restaurant made it homely, guaranteed a packed restaurant for a buzzing environment, in a hugely popular location.

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The menus are simple and the large blackboard with specials was again a nice touch making the whole place feel very personal and not like a string of restaurants at all. Which, I guess, being honest burgers, is the point.

A great place to catch up, and not too pricey. Mains ranged from around £9 to £11 for the specials with drinks reasonably priced at £2.50 for the homemade lemonade and upwards for wine and beer etc.

I’d definitely recommend a trip to Honest Burgers for a dinner with mates but make sure you go in ahead of when you want to eat to get in the queue, our table took 30-60 minutes to be ready, and that’s on a Tuesday night!

It’s been a year of burgers in London, and with creative places like Honest Burgers continuing to expand and individualise, I don’t think it’s a trend fading anytime fast.


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