American Pyscho- Almeida Theatre : Theatre Review

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Director: Rupert Goold

Starring: Matt Smith, Ben Aldridge, Jonathan Bailey, Cassandra Compton, Susannah Fielding,

Music and lyrics: Duncan Sheik

Opened in late December, this hotly anticipated entry into the London theatre scape at the end of 2013 does not disappoint. A fan of the film, and especially Christian Bale’s portrayal of protagonist Patrick Bateman, I was fascinated to see how Matt Smith would follow in his footsteps and I’m pleased to say he doesn’t disappoint.

This is a real spectacle of theatre, especially as Bret Easton Ellis’ novel has in this instance, become a musical. Yes, a musical, and with incredibly catchy songs to add. From 80’s classics to original music for the show, it perfectly weaves in and out of the story, adding humour where appropriate and impact when needed.

The play starts with the famous image of Patrick Bateman (Matt Smith) appearing with his cooling mask on in his white boxers. The iconic imagery is not forgotten throughout the play either, with Patrick donning a raincoat near to identical to the one used in the film and glitz and glamour is present throughout this production, underlining the material obsession of the characters.

Of notable mention is Paul Owen played by ben Aldridge, who has an absolutely stunning voice and Susannah Fielding who plays Evelyn incredibly true to her character.

The club scenes are fantastically well put together, and the stage has rotating pieces at each side meaning set changes are swift and effective. Whilst sometimes the commercial point behind the play is hammered home quite obviously, the humorous nature of the black comedy behind this well known story is highly entertaining, and the songs are incredibly catchy. You are invited to get truly lost in the madness of modern day commercialism in this slick show.

Beg, borrow or steal tickets if you can! Whilst the show has completely sold out, there is a chance to get tickets on the day or with returns, keep an eye out on the Almeida Theatre website.



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